Think Outside The Wig Block Seminar

Think Outside The Wig Block Seminar

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Become a Master Wig Designer in just 16 hours and have an edge on your competition! 





In just a few moments I’m going to tell you how you can qualify to participate in a never seen before the event, my Think Outside The Wig Block Seminar

This unique hands-on training will give you the tools, training, inspiration, and motivation you need to become a Wig Designer. The best part is, you’ll get personal training from me with NO guest speaker… awesome right?? I get so many requests for my Custom Wigs from people all over the world; there’s no way I can fulfill all the orders. So I need other skilled designers to refer these potential clients to for services.

If you qualify to attend, my goal is to give you an experience that’ll be a game changer in your career. These two fantastic days will provide you with the vision to see new opportunities. You’ll finally be able to convert your new found knowledge into wealth. Expanding your clientele, boosting your confidence and eliminating your competition…because of the life-changing experience you have received.



DAY 1 

Think Outside The Wig Block  Seminar is a 2-day event. Exclusive never seen before techniques, as well as hands-on exercises and plenty of time for your questions. My promise is that everyone involved receiving an extraordinary experience. All I ask is that you show up with an open mind and bring your questions with you.

Attendance at my Think Outside The Wig Block Seminar is limited to eight people to give you as much personal time and attention possible. This is a real benefit for those who attend. So if you want to participate, I strongly urge you to reserve your place immediately.

In your “Welcome” session, I’ll introduce myself and invite each attendee to do the same. After we’ve all gotten acquainted well jump right into what you’ve come for. We’ve got a full day ahead of us.- so let’s get started!

I will walk you through the step-by-step process of conducting a correct consultation so that every wig design comes out flawless.

There will be plenty of time to answer all of your questions. For example:
 What’s the best type of wig cap to use? I’ll share with you which caps I use. Why I use them so you won’t make the same mistakes I made when I first started.
 Why is virgin hair better than the lesser brand? I’ll share all the details at the seminar.
 When to use synthetic hair?  I’ll share all the details at the seminar.
 And a whole lot more.

A Bonus For Attending my Think Outside The Wig Block Seminar, I’ll teach you my best wig repair secrets for FREE…

Underneath The Wig
If your client has hair, I will show you how to prep the hair before making the wig. This part is essential, especially for the next step.

How To Measure Your Clients Head
Everything that I cover in this seminar is vital. Using the proper techniques makes a considerable difference when measuring the clients head. But of all topics we include in the Think Outside The Wig Block Seminar, creating the perfect fit is the essential aspect of the process. If one detail or adjustment is wrong, you MUST start over from scratch. Why take the chance? When you can attend my seminar, I’ll teach you the proper technique so you can master the art of Wig Design right the first time. Next, we’ll break for lunch (provided me and included in the price of the seminar) and return in approximately one hour.

Hair Placement for The Carmelesha Method
Positioning the hair for designing wigs plays a significant role in the outcome of your style. I will walk you through the step-by-step process of placing your hair correctly to achieve the best look…Ill talk about troublesome issues I’ve dealt with Wig Design. And I’ll show you how to avoid these issues.

Your time- Enjoy It….You’ve Earned It!!
When all of your questions have been answered, our work for day one is finished- and we have worked hard. Relax and enjoy Raleigh N.C. You deserve it! This is a great time to get to know your fellow Wig Designers. After all, we’re all in this together. It’ ll shock you by what you’ll have in common. It’s an amazing feeling to meet people that have the same mindset as you wanting to turn knowledge and skills into more money Awesome right?? Networking in business and life is essential to your growth.  So kick back, relax, network and make the most of your time-you’ve earned it. And remember, this is YOUR time so be sure to let me know if you need me…I’m here to answer any questions that you may have…



Day 2

Styling Of Lace Wig
Don’t worry I will do a demo. I will show you step- by step how to style this wig. You’ll learn how not to create problems for yourself — lessons I had to learn the hard way. Also as a bonus, I will also demo how I cut my wigs.

Vendor Information
There are a million hair vendors, but all you need is maybe one or two hair vendors. I will give you my very own vendors that I have used for the last four years. Also, I will teach you how to order from hair vendors.

Discover how to market yourself. Most people get this all wrong, knowing who you are selling to will save you a lot of time.

30 Day Emails
You’ll have me for 30 days after the seminar to ask questions. Yes, I will still be there for you. Next, we’ll break for lunch (provided by me and included in the price of the seminar) and return in approximately one hour.

Product Knowledge  
I want you to succeed in all that you do, so to ensure that you deliver the best custom wigs ever, I want to teach about my wig products used to leave the wigs beautiful….It’ll blow your mind when you discover the one trick that’ll make your wigs stand out from the rest.


Maintenance & Repair

– How to shampoo & condition the wig to maintain the shape.
– Learn how to blow dry the wig to ensure proper form and longevity.
– How to tighten wefts. Get this wrong, and you WILL ruin the wig.
– My Duckbill Clip Technique easy enough for ANYONE to do when the edges are frayed from a synthetic wig.


Introduction to Ventilating

You will learn the single & double knot technique.

Create eyebrows and patterns for lace closure

The correct words to use for ventilating

So much more!

All license stylist get 16 CEU hrs!

How To Qualify
To qualify for my Think Outside Of The Wig Block Seminar, all you have to do is be one of the first eight lucky people to sign up. Simply fill out the form and let me know immediately. Don’t hesitate-these seat will go fast. Once I enroll eight people, that’s it.

It’s tough having to be so strict about the enrollment limitations, but this ensures that the people who attend receive the personal attention they’ve come so far for…and the one-on-one interactions that make your learning experience much more significant and a success.




To become a Wig Designer, please fill out the form below right now, while its fresh on your mind!


Time For A Review
I’d like to take this opportunity to review with you just what to expect when you attend my Wig Design Seminar.

  • Learn Wig Design techniques in a welcoming, hands-on environment
  • Valuable information on selecting the right hair
  • All the knowledge you need about products, and styling the wigs you design
  • Personal one-on-one instruction and advice from me-priceless
  • A skill that promotes hair growth for your clients
  • All the knowledge you need to know how to repair your Custom Wigs
  • Your certificate as a Wig Designer
  • Answers to all of your questions about Wig Design
  • Directly connect with new friends to share and grow with you.

You’re Worth It
If you can learn a skill that’ll have clients begging for same day appointments. If you could learn a skill that’ll increase your income, boost your confidence and allow you to transform your skills to the next level with a gift that you love.

Would it be worth $2500? That’s right – only $1000for

  • 2 full days of seminar sessions
  • All the hands-on training you need to learn to make  Customized Wigs (lace closure wig & lace frontal, introduction to ventilating)
  • Plenty opportunity for personal hands-on instruction and advice from me.
  • A skill that will return your tuition investment over many times
  • In case you forget something you’ve learned in my seminar, you’ll have 30 days of email coaching.

Suddenly $1000 and two days of your time sounds like a minimal price to pay. Because of this rare opportunity and such a high demand for this class, the 8 Wig Designers slots will sell out fast. So grant yourself a present that will last you an eternity. Don’t miss an opportunity of a lifetime. Sign up for my Think Outside The Wig Block Seminar today and become a certified Wig Designer.

Value Price ($2,505)  ||  Invest Price $1000 or 2 payments of 500.00 All tools are supplied by the student. Supply List will be emailed once payment is made.

Seminars Dates are to be announced soon


22 Glenwood Ave #4

Raleigh NC 27603




All applicants must fill out seminar application. Click here to fill out an application! Once accepted for full seminar payment or partial payments is due. The remaining balance is due March 1, 2019. Full Balance must be paid to attend the seminar.