The Complete Guide To Launch Your Wig Making Business (Coming October 2018)

The Complete Guide To Launch Your Wig Making Business (Coming October 2018)

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Week 1: Step By Step Custom Wig Making

– Two different methods
– Why I NEVER use dome caps, and why you shouldn’t either
– Not all wig caps are created equal. The quality of your wig is partly determined by the quality of your cap. I’ll show you where to go to get the best quality and size for your client’s needs.
– The importance of your tools, and what tools you need. Quality matters!
– Discover the EASIEST type of hair to cut and style. You’ll be shocked when you find out what it is.

* The Carmelesha Method *
– The tools you need
– Learn my lace closure attachment process. I’ve mastered this technique, and it’s why my clients keep coming back. You’ll learn exactly how to do this the foolproof way.
– Learn how to customize a wig using a wig based cap
– My proprietary “white line” technique. Miss this step and you could potentially ruin all of your work
– Where you start is NOT the same for every client. I will show you how and when to place your first weft to create a custom wig.

* The Fold Over Method *
– How to properly lay the weft using the 

Fold over technique. Lot’s of Wig Makers get this wrong, and you can tell, I’ll show you how to do it the professional way using my technique.
– Learn two different options for closing this type of wig. It’s so simple you won’t believe it

Week 2: Fool Proof Cutting & Styling For Anyone

– Learn how to easily cut layers to create a beautifully cut wig.
– Discover how to use the wand to create different curl patterns.
– Learn how to use the flat iron properly to get that perfectly straight look
– The easiest way to frame the face for a beautiful look

Week 3: Maintenance & Repair

– How to shampoo & condition the wig to maintain the shape.
– Learn how to blow dry the wig to ensure proper form and longevity.
– How to tighten wefts. Get this wrong, and you WILL ruin the wig.
– My Duckbill Clip Technique easy enough for ANYONE to do when the edges are frayed from a synthetic wig.

Week 4: Quick & Easy Marketing

– The fastest way to get up and running to start marketing
– Building your following
* Invite Friends
* First 100 posts related to their business
* Share those posts on their page
* Like Our Page For Daily Updates, OR Like Our Page For Wigspiration
– Content Strategy
– Speak your platform language (Instagram is for Instagram & Facebook is for Facebook)

Bonus Week 5: How to Maximize your income with a wig party + The Supplemental Guide Book $275 Value

        Bonus #1: Introduction to ventilating. The single knot technique $1000 Value

Bonus #2: 30 days of unlimited email coaching $125 Value
Bonus #3:Beginner’s Guide To Tools $49 Value 


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