Wig Design Sessions

Wig Design Sessions

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Carmelesha Matthewson is now offering one-on-one Wig Design Sessions. Wig 

Sessions are for that person who wants to learn exclusively with Carmelesha in a private setting. The attendee will learn the art of ventilating, hand sewn or sewing machine. Gain hands-on experience and skills you will use your whole life long. This session is only one-day from 10am-5pm.





Learn how to make a lace frontal, lace closure, & full lace template

Learn The Art Of Ventilating (single knot & double knot)

Learn How To Dye Lace

Tools Needed For Wig Making 

Learn How To Make A Custom Mold

Proper Wig Repair & Cleaning

Student Only Supplies Wig Block

Wigmaking Supply & Wig Vendor Info

30 Days Of Unlimited Emails

Marketing 101 for WIg Designers

Adhesives & Double Sided Tape

How To Take Care & Repair Lace Wigs


Value Price $1700 Investment Price $800