Wig Questions

I get a lot of questions from women about how to take care of their wig. My answer is always the same. Guess what my answer is. Take care of your wig just like you would take off your hair. Simple right. Think of it like this don’t do anything to your wig that you wouldn’t do to your hair.  Still don’t get well here are a few tips to help.

Tips for Wig Care

* Always follow the manufactures instructions for wig care or your hairstylist instructions.
* Only use recommended products for your wig. Example, hair bonding glue, would not be used on your lace wig.
* Shampoo and condition your wig to allow to completely dry 
* Place wig on a wig stand to dry.

These are just a few tips for taking care of your wig. We will have more tips on taking care of your wig. Until then Keep Calm and GET DOLLED  UP!!