Why Are We Supporting Beauty Supply Stores?

This morning I went to my local Beauty Supply store to look around. While I was there, another customer came in asking about some braiding hair. The associate told her to go to aisle one well you have ever been in a Beauty supply store you know that they have a massive selection of braiding hair. So the customer was asking for help, and they couldn’t help her. Long story short I spent 30 min. Assisting the customer finding the color and hair she wanted. My question to everyone WHY DO WE KEEP BUYING FROM BEAUTY SUPPLY STORES that don’t even know about the product they are selling. But they make millions off the hair of sale and everything else.

I am not saying don’t go to the Beauty Supply Store I am saying go to one that knows what they are selling to you. I have always been told, “know the product that you are selling.” We are the customer spending our hard earned money good customer service goes a long way.

How many times have you returned to a place because of the excellent customer service? What are some of your experiences at Beauty Supply Stores? Did you get the help finding the product you needed?