Tangled Up

Last week a client came in with her daughter. She said, “Can you get the tangles out of my daughter’s hair and we have a brush stuck in her hair.” To my surprise, her daughter had a small round brush stuck in her hair. The little girl told me she was trying to get the tangles out her hair. I have never seen a brush held in hair like that in all of my 20 years in the hair industry. To make matters worse, it was stuck in the front. After wrestling with the brush for about 20 minutes, we decided it was best to cut the brush out. The results were better than we expected.

My client’s daughter ended up with side bangs which were a significant relief for me! I explained to my clients the proper way to remove tangles.  So that you will not have the same experience, see my top tips below for removing tangles.

 big relief for me! I explained to my clients the proper way to remove tangles.

* Always start at the ends of your hair and work your way up when eliminating tangles.

**Use a wide tooth comb or pick when removing tangles

Use a detangling conditioner to help remove tangles


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