My Wig Ended Up In My Clothes Dryer

After a client told me that she washes her wigs in the washing machine, I remembered the time I accidentally washed and dried my wig!  Even though it was years ago, it is still amusing to me.  See what had happened was, my wig fell in my laundry basket, and I washed it with the rest of my clothes.  I didn’t see it when I put my clothes in the dryer, so I also dried my wig. Well, when I took my clothes out of the dryer, there was my wig.  I didn’t initially know what it was and it scared me.  It was my best looking short haired wig!  What I say was because it seemed like a burnt mess after being in the dryer. I am just glad it didn’t catch on fire. That was the day I learned three (3) important things about wigs.

* Always put your wig on a mannequin or wig stand.
* Synthetic wigs can only take the heat recommended in the manufacture instructions
* Do Not Wash Wigs in a Washing Machine.