Have You Made These Flat Iron Mistakes

Flat Iron Mistakes
As I was reading an article today about flat irons and mistakes that are made while using them, I thought about the mistakes I made before becoming a licensed cosmetologist. I also thought this is good information to share.

Let’s be honest: Perfect blowouts typically only happen in the salon, and if you want super straight hair at home, a flat iron is a way to go. Once you’ve found the best flat iron for you and you’ve got the styling down pat, there are a few other things to keep in mind while straightening your hair. For the best style possible, make sure you’re avoiding the eight mistakes below.

Not Using Heat Protectant Spray: This goes for any heat styling tool, but if you’re not putting a heat protectant spray on your hair before using your flat iron, it’s like asking for damage. On clean, damp hair, spray in a heat protectant to keep your hair from the harm that hot tools can cause.

How you adjust the temperature: The natural thought maybe, “If heat damages my hair, I’ll keep my flat iron on the lowest heat setting possible!” Counterintuitive as it may seem, a medium to a higher temperature — lower if your hair is fine, higher if your hair is thick — is better, because, on a low heat setting, you’ll be going over your hair multiple times to smooth it out. A higher temperature means a better chance that a single pass can do the trick.

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Ironing straight down: Getting as close to your root as possible, flat iron each section of hair, but pull the hair up instead of going straight down. This will give you a boost of volume at the crown, so you’ll have straight hair with the body instead of your hair falling flat.

Not using a brush: With each section, you straighten, brush out the hair first to get any kinks out of the way before you hit it with heat. Doing this will make the straightening go much more smoothly, and can reduce the need to go back over certain areas multiple times.

Not letting your hair cool down: While heat styles hair, cool air works to set it. Allow your hair to cool once you’ve flat ironed it so that it holds the straight style, instead of immediately putting it into a ponytail or a hair clip


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