Excuses I Had Many

Earlier today I was going thru my old videos. Those videos were horrible! I remember being scared to do videos anything showing my face or body. Almost 100 videos later I am not scared anymore. Yes, I made plenty of mistakes. Did I learn from my mistakes? (Yes) Do I still make mistakes? (Yes) We are human.

What am I saying? Sometimes we hold ourselves back from being the best. I am the first to admit I was so guilty of that. If you look in the dictionary under the word excuse, my picture would’ve been beside the word. I had an excuse for every reason why I shouldn’t do something that scared me to death. No, this email isn’t about hair or wigs. It’s for that person that is standing in their way. Maybe it’s for someone in your life that’s standing in their way. These words were in my heart so heavy this morning. I had to share. I believe in you. You can do it.