Do You Like Your Hair?

That was a question that I was asked to me by a complete stranger. My response was excuse me, sir, I didn’t hear your question. He repeated do you like your hair? I said of course I do. Then why did you cut it all off. My response was because I like it. I chuckled and kept walking. Now this gentlemen had no idea I was a hairstylist designing wigs for women who deal with hair loss everyday. The first thing that popped in my mind was what if he asked that to a woman who hair isn’t coming back. People are so quick to judge just by looks alone. Never thinking about the other persons feelings they are judging. What if I was a women who is dealing with alopecia? That one comment would’ve rocked some women to the core. Honestly I cut my hair off to see what it feels like to wear a crown(wig) with no hair. Actually I haven’t decided if I am going to grow my hair back. So before you start to judge anybody remember you don’t know the journey they are walking. Here is a picture of me with my haircut and I love it.