Back Up Hair Plan

Do you have your back up hair? If you are saying what is backup hair then the answer is no. Every woman should have a wig aka (Backup Hair) in her closet. Let’s face it ladies we can juggle more than one thing at once and sometimes we are last on the list. There are several kinds of back up hair it all depends on you and what you like.

1. Half wig must blend in with your natural hair color, as some of it will be exposed. Some half wigs contain clips placed in the hair, while others have the false hair on a headband.
2. Full Wig comes in synthetic or human hair.
3. Lace front wigs come in human or synthetic hair. Some you can use adhesive or tape for the lace in front.
4. Full Lace Wig is entirely made of lace and is undetectable if applied correctly.

So as you see they come in all styles and colors. But make sure you ask your stylist for their recommendations.